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BKF Repair Tool - A Quick Solution for Corrupted BKF Files

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FAQs on BKF Repair Tool

  • Open ‘SysTools BKF Repair Tool
  • Choose one scanning option from 'Quick', 'Deep' and 'Range Based Scan'.
  • After that, software asks you to select damaged BKF file.
  • Now, select the BKF file and click on ‘Open’ to locate BKF file to repair.
  • Software starts the loading process while you clicking on open button.

Leading software solutions in the online market provides the free demo version to check before purchasing the product, which add up confidence of user and with the BKF Repair tool, user can download the free trial version that helps recover corrupted Windows BKF files and preview the recovered BKF data before investing in fully operable version.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to restore BKF file on desired or original location:

  • Install ‘BKF Repair Software ’ on machine.
  • Open ‘BKF Repair Software ’ from Start Menu >> All Programs
  • Select the scanning option to start scanning process
  • After finishing scanning process, choose extract option to extract it on anywhere or choose ‘Original’ option from top to restore it on original location.

NOTE: You can easily restore the recovered BFK files on its original location after changing the file system of Windows.

Best option to extract the single BKF file using BKF recovery software is that first scan the corrupted BKF files and after recovering the BKF file click on 'View file' option to view file or 'Extract file' option to extract desired file on any location.

NOTE: Search option is available on top right of the software screen to find the specific file.

Data from the BKF file can be recovered and saved with the full version purchased and thus the user query of how to recover backup file created by other backup utility can be solved with ease as the purchased version gives the perfection of recovery created from internal and external backup utility.

Range Based Scan features has added in BKF repair tool which is the beneficent attribute for users when they need to recover only small portion of BKF database like, if you want to recover last 50% database then put the value between 50% to 100% to get the second half of the database..

  • Click on ‘Action’ option from menu bar.
  • And, press on ‘Range Based Scan ’ option to use this option.
  • Now, enter the value for Partial Scan
  • After completion the Range Based Scan process, it will give you recovered items for viewing, opening and extracting.

Resolved Windows BKF Error Messages

When you have tried to restore database from backup file, the error message, “Backup File Contains Unrecognized Data and Cannot be Used” has occurred in front of you.

You are thinking why this error message has occurred. We will tell you the reason of ‘Why

Reason - This error message generally occurs due to corruption in Windows BKF file. Large size of backup file can also be a reason behind the occurrence of this error message of computer screen.

Fix this Error Right Away

You can easily fix this error message and restore data from Windows backup file (.bkf) by using BKF Recovery tool. This tool resolves this error message from root.

This kind of error message can be experienced by users:

When - The hardware of your device indicates an issue due to corruptness caused by; virus infection, Trojan infection, spyware, adware or any other sort of malware intrusion.

What Happens? – You will be barred from using your Windows backup files or NT Backup files to restore the original database.

Suggested Solution - The BKF Repair tool is the suggested solution to eradicate such severe error causing corruptness that makes the backup files become inaccessible for restore procedure. The tool comes with guarantee, speed and stability of recovering error messages like ‘an inconsistency was encountered on the requested media’.

Resolution For Error There is No Information Contained in the BKF File

The error message occurs when users install Windows OS with different product key. Due to addition of wrong product key, the registry settings of the backup files get changed that makes the BKF file inaccessible as well. In order to resolve this error, users can use BKF Repair tool which is designed to short out issues in corrupt or inaccessible backup files of Windows OS whether files are created using NT backup utility or VERITAS. Our software performs sure and accurate BKF file recovery without losing single element after recovery process of BKF files.

Fetch The Right Solution for Error “The Backup File is Unusable. You Must Erase it or Choose Another File”

‘Symptom’ and ‘Cause’ for Interrupting Error: You are conveniently using BKF files and when you try to restore data from Microsoft Windows 2000 BKF data, you find an error message, “The Backup File is Unusable. You Must Erase it or Choose Another File”. When Windows open its BKF file, it checks whether backup file is valid to use or not. If data is corrupted and in a condition to use then backup file unable to restore from BKF file.

Right Tool: Our BKF repair tool is the best solution that recovers and repairs damaged BKF file after error. Tool allows you to access healthy BKF data in only few mouse clicks.

Step by Step Guidelines to Recover BKF Database Completely

The software BKF Repair is a perfect solution to extract corrupt BKF file database and here you can read more to know how to extract corrupt BKF file database perfectly.

  • Download BKF Repair Software: As the first step towards installing the solution to extract corrupt BKF file database user need to download BKF Recovery tool so that the live functionality of BKF Recovery can be experienced without paying for the product.
  • Load BKF Database: Once the BKF Repair tool is installed and ready to be used then select the load option that will load the corrupted BKF file for the recovery process to be started with the software.
  • Select Scan BKF Option: From the three scanning option as Quick, Deep and Range scan user have to select the scanning option accordingly which will ensure the instant recovery of complete data after the scanning is done.
  • Preview Recovered BKF Data: Software shows the preview of recovered data once the scan is done and the entire data that are scanned for corruption will be shown in the list and thus user can assure the perfection of process execution with the BKF repair software.
  • Order for the Product: After getting the live experience of the BKF recovery process for free, then user can move to order the licensed version that helps in activating the product with the key provided so that the extracting and save BKF data process can be carried out.
  • Recover BKF Data then Extract and Save: Activated BKF Repair tool will be helpful to recover, extract and save BKF data that was corrupted in the healthy format.